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The overall objective is to assist Serbian administration to effectively manage EU integration and pre-accession assistance in order to speed up preparations for the EU membership.

The project purpose is the development and improvement of waste management system, by completing the strategic and legislative framework of required sector specific planning documents in line with the EU Acquis.

  • Environment
EuropeAid reference
SR13/IPA/EN/04 16
  • ["[\"The project is structured in 4 main components:\\r\\nComponent 1 focuses on drafting a new Waste Management Strategy and sending it for endorsement to the Ministry in charge for environmental protection, making it ready for governmental adoption; \\r\\n\\r\\nComponent 2 focuses on the assessment, revision and improvement of existing Special Waste Streams Plans (SWSP) on WEEE, waste batteries and accumulators, asbestos, waste oils, end of life vehicles, POPs waste and construction & demolition waste and preparation the draft National Waste Management Plan, as part of the Waste Management Strategy, in line with Serbian and EU legislation; \\r\\n\\r\\nComponent 3 focuses on analysis of at least 3 WPPs, preparation of at least 2 case studies of WPPs from EU countries, development of a draft Waste Prevention Programme and submission thereof to the beneficiary; \\r\\n\\r\\nComponent 4 focuses on analysis of existing economic instruments (taxes, fees, charges and similar), on analysis of expenditures o
City / District
EU Contribution
1,500,000 €
Implementation period
August 2017 - February 2020
Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia
Implemented by
Ministry of Environmental Protection; Umweltbundesamt - Environment Agency Austria; Naturväradsverket, Environmental Protection Agency, Sweden; Lietuvos Respublikos aplinkos ministerija, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Lithuania